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游泳館 - 1F



  • 室內溫水游泳池8水道25公尺長標準水道(水深120~150cm)
    8Standard 25M lanes (depth: 120~150cm)
  • 室外露天游泳池6水道25公尺長標準水道(水深120~130cm)
    6Standard 25M lanes (depth: 120~130cm)
  • 男 / 女專用蒸氣室  Steam rooms, saunas for both genders
  • 男 / 女專用烤箱   Steam rooms, saunas for both genders
  • SPA專用水療池(水深85cm)  SPA (depth: 85cm)
  • 兒童池(水深90cm)   Kids' pool (depth: 90cm)


 AM06:00 - PM22:00
(戶外池配合疫情清消 5/15-5/31暫時關閉)

疫情期間 清場時段
AM10:00 - 10:30 / PM16:00 - 16:30
AM10:00 - 10:3
0 / PM18:00 - 18:30



  • 全票:100元/次   Adult: NTD. 100
  • 學生票:75元/次  Student: NTD. 75(with valid ID)
  • 65歲以上:50元/次 Senior: NTD. 50(with valid ID)
  • 4-12歲兒童及陪伴票:50元/次
    Child: NTD. 50(limited to 4-12 years of age)
    Accompany: NTD. 50(do not allowed to use the pool or shower facility)
  • 月會員:1,500元/35天 (限本人使用)
    Monthly Card: NTD. 1,500 for 35 days (limited to the buyer only)                      
  • 優惠券:2,700元/90天 (30張)
    Voucher: NTD. 2,700/30 vouchers

注意事項 :








  • 週一至週日上午8時至10時,年滿65歲以上及低收入市民免費使用游泳池及體適能中心。
  • 週一至週五下午2時至4時,年滿65歲以上及低收入市民免費使用游泳池及體適能中心。


  • 身心障礙者及其監護人或必要之陪伴者一人(陪伴者不得單獨使用場地)憑身心障礙手冊



  • 蛙鞋僅可於【自由水道】使用,並須遵守以下規範

   ■蛙   鞋 : 禁止使用全長超過50公分之長蛙鞋,材質需為矽膠軟體材質。
   ■面   鏡、呼吸管、划手板 : 材質不得為玻璃或易碎材質。
   ■水道使用規則 : 右去左回中間不停留。

  • 為維持環境及安全,如有違反使用須知、不聽從教練指導或因個人因素而影響他人權益或導致受傷時,本中心得立即禁止使用(不予退費)並不負賠償責任。

The center reserves the right to prohibit use of the facility in concern to its environment and safety and is not responsible for reimbursement and compensation for any injuries or violation to others caused by personal factor or not cooperating with the rules and coach instructions.

  • 使用者應瞭解自身健康狀況,若有以下情形之一,禁止入池游泳:
  • 患有傳染性疾病、癲癇症、意識不清、皮膚病(潰爛、傷口)、多發性硬化症、發燒超過攝氏37℃等身體不適或疾病者。
  • 飯後一小時內、酒後、嚴重睡眠不足時、藥效未退前或其他任何身體不適者。
  • 患有高血壓、心臟病、糖尿病等非具傳染性疾病者。

Users should be aware of own health conditions and are prohibited to use the pool if have any of the following conditions:

      Contagious diseases, epilepsy, unconsciousness, skin diseases (skin ulcer, open wounds), multiple sclerosis, fever over 37℃ and any other ill    


      Taken meal within 1 hour before, drunken state, sleep deprivation, impact of medication or any other unfit health conditions.

      Unstable blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes and other non-contagious diseases.

  • 領有身心障礙手冊者,建議須由一名必要之陪伴者全程陪伴入池游泳

People with disability manuals need to be accompanied by adults for the entire time inside the pool

  • 65歲以上之長者,建議需有家屬/同伴陪同使用,使用時間請勿過長。

Elderly above 65 years old are recommended to be accompanied by family or company and to avoid using the pool for extended period of time.

  • 公益時段為回饋社會服務,請使用者更珍惜場所並遵守入場規定。

Please follow the rules during Public Charity session as it is for social services purposes.

  • 嚴禁吸煙、喝酒、嚼食檳榔、口香糖及攜帶任何食品、飲料入場(開水、礦泉水除外)。

Only drinking water is allowed in the facility; other beverages including alcohol, and food, chewing beetle nuts or gum and smoking are not allowed in the room.

  • 禁止攜帶寵物進入場館,輔助盲人同胞的工作犬需在指定的戶外區域等候。

Pets are not allowed. Guide dogs are required to wait in the designated outdoor area.

  • 12歲以下兒童,須由父母或監護人陪同。

Children under 12 years-old must be accompanied by parent(s) or guardian(s) for safety reason.

  • 12歲以下兒童禁止進入冷熱水池/蒸氣室/乾烤箱及SPA池。

Children under 12 years old are not allowed to use cold and hot pools, steam and sauna, and SPA facilities.

  • 為不影響水質及衛生,泳池內禁止穿鞋/拖鞋,泳客須著貼身泳衣、泳褲、泳帽、泳鏡入池(禁止穿著海灘褲、有鈕扣及拉鍊之衣物進入)。

To maintain the quality of water and hygiene, please do not wear shoes/slippers. Do wear body tight swimwear, swimming shorts, swim caps, and swim goggles to enter the pool (inappropriate swim wear, including beach trunks, and clothing with buttons and zippers are not allowed ).

  • 入池前請徹底淋浴及卸妝,嚴禁皮膚表面塗抹防曬油、保養品及化妝品。

Do not apply sunblock and any cosmetics before entering the pool.

  • 禁止配戴玻璃泳鏡(眼鏡)或攜帶玻璃容器、陶瓷器及其他易碎物品入池。

Do not wear glass goggles(eye glasses) or bring any glass containers, porcelain items and other dangerous fragile items into the pool.

  • 本中心水道區分為快速水道、長泳水道及練習水道,各水道禁止使用任何輔具,說明如下:
  • 快速水道:右去左回,中途及岸邊皆不可停留。
  • 長泳水道:右去左回,中途不可停留,岸邊休息不得超過30秒。
  • 練習水道:本中心教學時間之外,供泳客練習。

The pool lanes are categorized into fast swim lane, long swim lane, and practice swim lane, and each lane prohibits the use of any swimming aids.  Details are explained as follow:

      Fast swim lane: swim forward on the right side and return on the left side, stopping in the middle or at the edge is not allowed.

      Long swim lane: swim forward on the right side and return on the left side, stopping in the middle is not allowed, and resting at the edge cannot    

      exceed 30 seconds.

      Practice swim lane:  users can practice swimming other than center class session.

  • 禁止於池內及池邊跳水、奔跑、嬉戲、潛泳、蹲坐或站立於池邊等妨害他人安全之行為。

Do not dive, run, jump, jostle, play around, or any behavior that would affect others in the pool area.

  • 嚴禁本中心教學課程以外之教學行為。

Personal teaching is not allowed other than the classes provided by the center.

  • 未經中心許可,禁止照相、攝影、錄音、張貼或懸掛海報、旗幟、標語等。

Photography, videography, poster hanging, flag hanging, labeling and other such behaviors are not allowed unless approved by the center.

  • 個人物品請置放於開放式或投幣式置物櫃內以便管理,限當天使用,違者清空。泳池區內禁止以物品佔用座位,私人物品請自行保管,如有遺失自行負責。

Please place all personal belongings in the open or coin lockers limited to the day.  Do not place any items for holding seats in the pool area; the center is not responsible for any lost items.

  • 場館如遇使用人數較多時,將採最適量管制。

When the number of people using the facility is greater than usual, the center will monitor limitation control accordingly.

  • 泳池各場地使用時,應遵守各場地專屬安全規定,本場救生員得隨時制止使用者有安全顧慮之行為,如不聽制止,本中心有權強制使用者離開泳池全部或局部場地之權利,
  • 如有對本中心人員實施言語或肢體暴力,或有該行為之虞者,本中心有權永久禁止其入場或取消其會員資格或優惠。

All the rules should be followed as indicated specifically for each area of the pool.  Lifeguards reserve the right to prohibit users’ action that threaten their safety, and to expel users from the pool area should the users not cooperate.  

  • 本須知如有未盡事宜,得另行增列、修訂之,並以現場公告或工作人員說明為準。若未能配合管理者,現場工作人員將有權令其離場(不予退費)並不負賠償責任。


       The Center has the right to add and alter the rules accordingly with the announcement on site and staff explanation as overrule. The center reserves    

       the right to prohibit use of the facility in concern to its environment and safety and is not responsible for reimbursement and compensation for    

       violation to others caused by personal factor or not cooperating with the rules